copperdot   Leather bags that will outlive you.
I make each bag by hand in Wilson, Wyoming, one at a time...just like a fine piece of custom saddlery.  These bags, like fine tack, are a combination of function and beauty. I use only the finest US grown and tanned Herman Oak bridle leather and buttery soft chap leather.  The copper rivets and solid brass hardware are the same as used in building heavy tack and give these bags a distinct look. Copperdot bags are constructed with an elegant attention to detail, and built with exceptional durability. Cowperson or cityperson, you can carry these bags anywhere.


  1. No. 1
    No. 1
  2.  No. 2
    No. 2
  3. No. 3
    No. 3
  4.  No. 4
    No. 4
Dimensions: 12" x 18" x 5"
12.5" strap drop

​This is THE number one, the first and most versatile bag. It has threee perfect cowhair pockets that will make your inner cowgirl giggle evertime you look inside.
It holds a laptop or tablet, waterbottle, a hoodie...along with your keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses, lipgloss and a healthy Snickers bar. Magnetic snap closure prevents spillage when you hit the brakes.

Available in Chap Leather or Oil Leather body, bridle leather straps, cowhair pockets and solid brass hardware.​

​Dimensions: 14" x 21" x 6"
 9.5" strap drop

The No. 2 is large enough to run away from home for a night and stow in the overhead compartment, but its not so big that you can't tote it around town. It sports one large laptop sized pocket, and one medium sized pocket inside. Though the straps are a bit shorter than on the No.1, you can still get your arm through wearing that big down puffy. Kept together with a magnetic snap closure.

Available in Chap Leather or Oil Leather body, bridle leather straps, cowhair pockets, and solid brass hardware.​

Dimensions: 9" x 12.5" x 3" 
28" adjustable strap drop

Sporty enough for a cowgirl on the run but No.3 can handle the concrete jungle with style. This small over the shoulder bag is my favorite travel companion. Two pockets inside can hold your phone, glasses, and a Cliff bar. Magnetic snap closure keeps it all buttoned up.

Available in Chap Leather body, bridle leather straps, cow hair pockets, and stainless steel hardware.​​
Dimensions: 6.5" x 13.5"

This is the Clutch that converted me. I am not a clutch gal but this bag is the perfect bag to grab out of your No. 1 bag and make a run into the grocery store. I really don't need to say more, the bag sells itself. Streamlined with no pockets inside. Made from Oiled Leather that has a bit more structure to it than the Chap Leather.

Available in oil leather, bridle leather strap, brass stud button.


Strap Goods Preparation
Preparing the strap pieces takes as much time as assembling the bag. It takes about 3 hours to make a bag. After each strap is cut, all four edges are beveled and burnished, then oiled and waxed. I want these straps the have the same conditioning and feel as my good bridles.


I lay out my patterns one at a time carefully selecting the best part of the hides. Natural wrinkles and blemishes add character to some types of leather such as the Oiled Leather. I then cut  each bag  by hand individually.
How I Make Them and How It all Started...
When you irrationally really like to do something long enough they say it's in your blood. I like leather, good saddle leather, and good tack. I always have. 
I guess you could say it's in my blood. I think the source of inspiration for these bags began when I was three or four years old.  Ending the day's riding lesson with cleaning up, my mother taught me how to clean the tack. I loved the smell and feel of Belvoir Glicerine saddle soap, lathered up all over my hands. The saddles lined up on the racks along the wall glistened and the row of bridles had such a rich, patina. The tack room became a sanctuary for me as horse-crazy, young girl, and fortunately, horses and leather have continued to play a role in my life. 
Several years ago I spotted a beautiful scrap of navy pebble grained chap leather at my saddle shop. It was just big enough for a satchel or two. I drew up a pattern and had the shop sew two bag bodies for me. The bags were just the right size, the leather had just right slouch, and it was buttery soft. I found some bridle leather strips to rivet on for the straps. I wanted those straps to feel as good as my reins. I gave the bags away to family members as Christmas presents that year. Rumor has it the bags were a hit.
A few years later, I got my hands on a commercial sewing machine and then, the fun began...

Stitch Work
Each bag is stiched using heavy duty nylon thread. End seams and pockets are double and triple stitched.
18 hand set no. 9 copper rivets are used in each bag assembly. The straps are affixed with solid brass or stainless steel hardware, the same hardware used by high-end tack makers constructing halters, harnesses, and bridles. 


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leather selections

Standard Leather


Navy Oiltan
Available in No.4

Red Oiltan
Available in

Available in

Brown Oiltan
Available in

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Chap Leather

Black Chap
Available in 
No. 1,2,3

Cream Chap
Available in 
No. 1,2,3

Walnut Chap
Available in 
No. 1,2,3

Red Chap
Available in 
No. 1,2,3

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Chap Leather

Arizona Chap
Available in 
No. 1,2,3

Lime Chap
Available in 
No. 1,2,3

Tobacco Chap
Available in 
No. 1,2,3

Stap Leather
Dark Oil
Light oil

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Bag Prices

Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time when ordering your bag.

I am happy to do various  custom alterations to the standard bag pattern. Please email your requests.

Retail Prices:

Custom changes will be priced per item.

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