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Here We Go!

February 17, 2018 2 min read

Here we go, Yeehaw!

We are taking the next steps to growing Copperdot Leather Goods LLC! And none of it could happen with out the help of all who have become a part of the Copperdot Team. Yep, it does take a village.

Not too long ago, I was hammering bags in my little 8’x8’ space carved out of the household storage shelves in my basement. Today, CD studio occupies a 2 car garage, has this slick new website, has become an LLC, manufactured and sold over 500 bags, and has almost 20 terrific, creative, and supportive team members! Hey…we are movin’ up and headin’ out! 

Back in the Fall of 2016 I set out to grow Copperdot and scale to another level. Well, there has not been a day since then that I haven’t asked myself  “ what the heck are you doing, girl?” “why don’t you just go and get yourself a real job” or “you're a creative type, not a business type” or  “you are not at an age where you should be starting over” (yep, that one comes from a very deep hole in the brain synapses)!  Entrepreneurship has in its very definition risk, fear, and vulnerability,  all words that make me cringe, and in my worst moments look for a paper bag to hyperventilate into.

I have always loved to design and create things. Starting with dollhouse furniture and stadium jumps for my plastic horses.  I swooned when I heard Brene Brown say “it is the highest gift to be able to create something meaningful that did not exist before your hands touched it”. Wow, I never really thought of it that way. This time I created something and you, my friends, customers, and supporters saw something good in it.

Merci, Merci , Merci, Mille Fois!!!