Pam’s Copperdot Leather Gift Guide; from me to you

Looking for the perfect gift for ALL of your “special someone’s”?! 
I think I’ve compiled the perfect inspiration list! 
Take a look below and be sure to get your orders in byDecember 15th to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas. 
Copperdot is always an appropriate and appreciated gift. Oh, andplease don’t take offense at my quirky humor. The persons represented in this Blog are entirely fictional. (I’m feeling a bit punchy being laid up post-surgery.)

Your Hostess (yep,  Who has the mostess) 

When you give her one of these slip a VC split inside and watch her eyes light up. You’ll be on her guest list for years to come. 
Lil Bo Peep in Copper, and Bronze
A petite bucket in a cozy shearling and leather perfect for the essentials whether you are spending the afternoon walking around town or stopping in for Apres Ski.

Your Hairstylist (that was kind enough not to pass on Covid to you)

Give her one of these and your hairstylist will never mess up your color again!
Mini Crescents in Copper, Silver, and Bronze
Don’t you just love fresh Mini Croissants at a bakery? Well, these are the GF, DF, Lo-Cal, Fat-Free, Keto, SF….AND guilt-free versions!
Made of super-soft metallic leather to fit easily in any of our bags. Stuff them full of your essentials and you won't even feel bloated!

Any In-law (or Out-tlaw.. or however you slice it)

Even if she isn't typically a clutch gal, this will be the one to convert her, and she’ll secretly love you for it!
Chap leather body, solid brass hardware, leather tassel
It sits perfectly down into The No. 1 and makes it easy to grab for a run into the grocery store. Streamlined with no pockets inside, made from oiled leather that has a bit more structure, and comes with a removable sassy tassel. Say no more, this piece sells itself.

Your Babysitter (that saved your butt last summer)

Next time you open with, “ I have a HUGE favor to ask…” to your babysitter,  hand her one of these!
Inspired by Resi Stiegler, member of the U.S. Ski Team and Olympian. She’s a world traveler and first-class gal. This bag has a little bit of grace, little bit of grit, little bit of cowhide, carries a little bit of sh**t. Need we say more?

Your Astrologist or Therapist (or your Best Friend that thinks you need one)

This bag was named after the Looney Tunes Cat who suffered an identity crisis after Pepe Le Pew fell head over heels in love with her, mistaking her for La Skunk! Poor Penelope! Only a shrink or an astrologer could help unravel that mess...I guess we all carry a little bit of baggage. 
A petite bucket perfect for your holiday parties with its playful shimmer and super soft leather. 

That guy (in your life that doubles as MacGyver ..or not)

The perfect addition to his man bag to hold all of his cables, cords, duct tape, Altoids,  and twisty-ties.
Chap leather body, solid brass zipper

Your son (who needs a subtle hint that he’s old enough to keep his S**t together)

Real-deal chap leather that can handle a splash from the sink while brushing his teeth, or fits a pair of those noise-canceling headphones he never takes off his head. 
Chap leather body, solid brass zipper.

Yourself (because you spend so much time and energy thinking of everyone on this list)

Baby, you do so much, for so many, with so little time or energy left for yourself! You owe it to yourself!
Chap leather body, solid brass zipper, horse hair tassel
Can be used for numerous essentials and do-dads. Elegant enough for an evening out and practical enough to be used in any of the totes every day. Sports a horsehair tassel and made of butter-soft chap leather. Please make a note on the order form if you wish to have hardware added to the Zippy for the Crossbody Straps (not included.)

Lastly, my friends..

    • If you are an Out-of-Town Shopper and you missed our ship date of 12-15-21, all is well! We have Copperdot gift cards on the website! Purchase here. 
    • If you are in JH and missed our shipping date of 12-15-21, I gotcha covered! Reach out to me via email at and we’ll make a date at the studio!
    • We can also schedule a FaceTime call and visit the studio virtually. But I haven't figured out how to beam the goods through FaceTime yet! You can reach me at (307) 690-4564