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How do I take care of my Copperdot bag?
The beauty of these bags is they do not require a lot of care. They truly get better with age. Do not worry about having to oil them, scuffs and patina give your bag unique character. With spills and lite stains a damp sponge or a Mr. Clean eraser will do the trick. You may use a leather conditioner on the chap leathers and straps such as Lexol. But please test a small hidden area first! Email us if you have any questions.

When can I expect my bag?
While we keep a full inventory of bags, popular styles and colors can be sold out temporarily. Should this be the case we will notify you of production timing as soon as you place your order. Please allow 2 weeks to receive your instock bag.  

Is my bag under warrantee?
We guarantee the workmanship of  your Copperdot Bag for and are happy to make any repairs. Should your bag need a repair from damage other than construction please contact us and we will give you an estimate.

Where do you get your leather?
All  our leather is sourced from domestic US tanneries. Our bridle leather hides are from Wickett and Craig, America's oldest tannery. Some limited edition hides will be from Italian tanneries and we will boast about it the product description! We are leather snobs, only the best will do.

Is each bag unique?
Yes! Leather is skin, it has wrinkles, blemishes, and it is thick, thin, stretchy, tough, and everything in between. Copperdot uses the best vegetable tanned leather available in the US. Veg tanning is a process that takes up to 10 weeks to properly tan this beautiful leather. Veg tanning allows the natural characteristics of the leather to show unlike overprocessed chemical tanning. The hides are saturated with natural oils, waxes, and dies to give it a gorgeous hand and break-in that is to die for. While we strive for the highest consistency and quality of materials, you will see some natural variation in the leather of you bag: wrinkles, color, texture which make your bag as unique as you are!

Can I custom order a color?
We do custom work and would love to discuss your ideas for your perfect leather bag. Please allow 6-8 weeks for custom leather work.

Can I custom order a style?
We do custom work and would love to discuss your ideas for your perfect leather bag. Please allow 6-8 weeks for custom leather work.

How many bags can I order?
As many as you like! We have had a blast outfitting an entire bridal party. Please contact us via email and allow 8 weeks lead time.

We are happy to ship globally! Please email us for a shipping quote. 





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