Sandstone Indy Tote

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14”H X 21”W X 6”D

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Bomb-proof Oil-tanned leather tote, equipped with a 3/4” x 36” adjustable, removable shoulder strap made from our highest quality bridle leather. One laptop-sized interior pocket, one old school boarding pass pocket. Rugged. Simple. Sophisticated.

 In my eyes, my dad was the original Indiana Jones and he always carried a tote like this, never a briefcase. It was brimming with flight charts, office files, navigation tools, a duck call, oh, and a Payday. Broken into perfection; the leather was a journal of his adventures. Traveling the continents with his fly fish gear or commuting to the office in his custom suit, his tote would accompany him like a trusted partner never letting him down.  

The Indy Tote inspires our motto...Go anywhere, endure anything.