In the Press: Facing bad bags, she made her own

If this kind of gear is good enough for a horse, why not people?

Pam Barlow had tried what seemed like every tote bag and purse on the market and nothing held up, and many in fact, fell apart at the most inopportune time.

“I had expensive, designer, supposedly high-quality bags, and I’d go through them,” she said. “They’d completely deconstruct in airport security when I was lugging two little toddlers.”

Frustrated, the lifelong horse enthusiast and equestrian looked at her horse’s tack one day and realized she was done buying expensive bags. She would make herself a bag that matched the durability and quality of the equipment she used on her horses.

She thought it would be a one-time deal. She made that first bag in 2012. She now makes and sells 12 models of bags in various colors through her company Copperdot Leather Goods.

The News&Guide talked with Barlow about that first bag she made for herself, the nearly 600 she expects to sell this year and the 1,500 she thinks she’ll sell next year.

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