Copperdot: Non-Toxic, All Natural

Go Naked! Non-Toxic, All-Natural Bags 

It is difficult to find leathers that have not been over processed. Over processed leathers have a coating to cover blemishes and imperfections. These coatings are toxic and simply masking an inferior product that you will find in high volume leather manufacturing. 

Our leather is nearly naked. During the tanning process it is bathed for up to 10 weeks in natural oils and waxes that give ita supple richness and durability. Lower quality leathers are often tanned in chromium in a 4-5 day process.The toxins literally destroy the cells of the leather and start to break down immediately. The result is a leather that lacks depth, durability, and overall luxury.

Leather is skin. Skin to skin is nice these days. Leather is also an imperfect and beautifully organic material. That is why we love it. We believe in allowing these imperfections to become part of the uniqueness of each Copperdot Bag, not covering them up. 

When you purchase your Copperdot bag you will notice a variation in the texture of the hide. Parts will be smoothe, parts will be pebbly. Now look at your own skin. Pebbly, smooth, and a few variations in color. It is you, a unique being. So to is your bag unique.